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Current Catalog shows alphabetically, by artists, all prints currently available from the Military Gallery. Many are now low in inventory and a few close to selling out. Click on thumbnail image or title to see larger image and more information.



Nick's new painting blends the power and beauty of flight with the sheer magnificence of nature. This limited edition shows Me 262s of JV44 on 29th April 1945, as they scorch through the beautiful mountain scenery towards what they hoped would be their Alpine fortress. Signed by Three Knight's Cross holders who flew the Me262 during World War II.


Combat between an Israeli F-16 Falcon and a Mig23 fought over the Bekaa Valley in June 1981. Artist signed print.



Last seconds of a Mirage V at the hands of 801 Naval Air C.O., Commander 'Sharkey' Ward, flying a Sea Harrier from H.M.S. Invincible on May 21, 1982. Pilot signed print.


A fine study of the Royal Navy's Sea Harrier in the markings of 700 Alpha Squadron, seen over-flying Plymouth. Artist signed.



The R.A.F.'s Red Arrows - perhaps the finest close formation aerobatic team in the world, flying their renowned Hawk jets.Prints signed by Red Arrows team leader.


Category [JETS]


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