Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Military Gallery prints?

Military Gallery prints are available from appointed dealers – that’s galleries and specialist mail order retailers who carry stocks of our prints. If there is no appointed dealer near you, or you have difficulty, you may order direct from the Military Gallery.

Where can I see the full range of prints available?
What prints are currently available?

Your local appointed dealer can tell you this. Sometimes dealers have prints still available that are sold out at the publisher. This website shows every print which is available direct from the publisher.

Where can I find details such as Price, Size, Signatures, etc of Military Gallery prints?

Full details are given in this website. Alternatively please ask for a copy of the Military Gallery Archive – a publication containing details about all Military Gallery prints published.

What is the difference between Signed and numbered, Artist Signed, Artist and Publishers Proofs?

Please check the glossary of Definitions found in the Information section of this website.

Can I buy a print by instalment payments?

In some cases we will accept monthly payments via credit card, such arrangements being made ad hoc. Prints are shipped following receipt of final payment.

Do I get a discount buying direct from the Military Gallery?

Prints are available from the Military Gallery, as from established appointed Military Gallery dealers, at the published price.

How can I locate a copy of a Sold-out print?

Check with your regular supplier of Military Gallery prints as to availability or go to Secondary Market prints in this website. If you are looking for a particular sold out print notify your regular supplier, or the Military Gallery who will endeavour to help you.

Can you give me the current value one or more of my prints?

Though we can provide an estimated value of one of our prints, it is the current demand in the market that determines its value. This secondary market is largely operated by our appointed dealers, and we recommend you contact your regular supplier in the first instance.

Should I insure my collection?

Once sold out, a limited edition cannot be replaced and, because most Military Gallery prints tend to rise in value, they are therefore worth insuring.

How can I value my collection for insurance purposes?

The independently published American art trade magazine INFORMART, published in the USA, lists the most recent prices for both Robert Taylor and Nicolas Trudgian secondary market prints. The magazine can be contacted on (203) 205 0000 or by fax on (203) 205 0003. Alternatively, please ask your regular supplier of Military Gallery prints.

How would I sell a print in my collection?

You could try advertising the print in the classified section of aviation press (Flypast in the UK and Aviation History in the US are two good options). Alternatively, contact the appointed dealer from whom you bought the print. If they do not operate in the secondary market, contact one of the large mail order dealers who regularly advertise Military Gallery prints in the aviation press. Remember that dealers will expect to buy at less than the retail value.

Why do some prints rise in value more rapidly than others?

The value of secondary market prints is governed by supply and demand. Prints which rarely come onto the market tend to rise more quickly than those that are traded more often. Some prints are seen as more collectible than others and collectors will sometimes pay quite a high price to acquire a rare print or one badly wanted to complete a collection.

What is Robert Taylor/Nicolas Trudgian currently painting?

We do not announce details of forthcoming prints prior to the publishing date. If you wish to receive details of prints immediately they are announced please email your request to You will be emailed on the date of publication. Alternatively, please check our website regularly. Are you open to the public.

Is there a dealer in my area?

Email us your name and address and we will put you in touch with dealers in your area.

How can I become an appointed Military Gallery dealer?

Dealerships are available to existing retail business operators in some areas in most countries. If you qualify, please ask us for a dealership information pack.

Where do Military Gallery artists reside?
Can I visit them?

Both Robert Taylor and Nicolas Trudgian live in England. Both make public appearances at galleries, airshows, and other events in UK, USA, and Australia. Private meetings to their studios cannot be arranged for obvious reasons – demand would be such that they would not have time to paint!



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