by Richard Taylor

Remarque catalog shows alphabetically all remarqued prints currently available from the Military Gallery. Please remember that remarques are highly restricted in number and inventory changes daily. Remarqued prints may be available at the time of publication, or delayed, depending upon the artist's work load at the time.



Coastal Patrol, a new painting by the remarkably gifted young artist Richard Taylor, depicts Mk I Spitfires of 610 Squadron flying a defensive patrol low over the White Cliffs during the height of the Battle of Britain in August 1940. A superb painting that symbolises a crucial period in history.


As the first rays of daylight spread their golden glow over the vast expanse of sky above the Russian Front, the menacing roar of heavily armed Bf 110’s of 6./ZGI shake the cold air around them as they prepare for a dawn strike against enemy ground targets deep inside Russian territory. Above them, their Me 109 escorts, alert for danger, constantly scan the distant skies for any enemy intruders that may be on the prowl and waiting for them.



Fighter Ace Johnnie Johnson leads MkIX Spitfires of his 144 Canadian Wing back to their base at Ford after a long day of operations over Normandy shortly after D-Day. The wing flew constant fighter sweeps throughout the Normandy Invasions, before relocating to France on June 15th1944.


Richard Taylor commemorates the valiant contribution of the 78th Fighter Group with a fine new rendition showing P-47D Thunderbolts departing Duxford en route for the north coast of France, and a low-level strafing mission.



Richard Taylor brings to life a spectacular dogfight over Eisenach on 24 March 1945 when the doughty Clyde East, returning from a recce over Schweinfurt and with photos already in the can, takes on a group of six Me109’s.


Richard’s detailed work The Dambusters – Final Moments at Scampton commemorates the anniversary of Operation Chastise through the release of this specially commissioned signed limited edition which is sure to be of interest to those Dambuster collectors the world over.



Well-known for the precise quality of his drawings, Richard Taylor’s detailed work Heading for Tokyo commemorates the anniversary of this daring raid. With Lt. Col. Doolittle and part of his strike force already airborne and heading for Japan, the scene depicts a further group of the B-25 force following on towards Tokyo. With limited edition prints of this graphic commemorative piece now released, they are sure to be of great interest to all those with an appreciation of the bravery and fortitude displayed by the valiant Doolittle Raiders.


As the Allied Air Forces began their massed attack on Germany’s oil refineries, the Luftwaffe was about to hit back with a new battle tactic– the Sturmgruppe!



In Richard Taylor’s striking new painting, the Tuskegee “Red Tail” pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group are a more than welcome sight as they close in to escort home a damaged B17 Fortress of the 483rd Bomb Group. Seen high over the Italian Alps during the summer of 1944 this poignant scene conveys precisely the story of the legendary “Red Tails.”

by Richard Taylor


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