by Keith Burns

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To win the Guild of Aviation Artists’ prestigious “Aviation Painting of the Year” is no easy task. The award, sponsored by BAE Systems plc – one of the largest defence and aerospace companies in the world – involves the very best aviation paintings submitted to the Guild’s Annual Exhibition, judged by an independent panel of experts. Winning the award is a monumental task, but in 2016 that is exactly what Keith did with this masterpiece, CO-OPERATION.


Keith’s memorable piece serves as a tribute to all those who took part in the raid, from the hard-working groundcrew, to the fearless aircrew.



Keith’s ability to capture the power and drama of a scene never fails to win the imagination and this dramatic piece is no exception. The artist’s award-winning talent takes us to the sandy bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach shortly after D-Day. The foreshore that only days before had witnessed chaos and bloody carnage, is now abuzz with action as American armored forces disembark from their beached Tank Landing Ships and head inland to support colleagues heavily engaged in bitter fighting to dislodge German units in northern Normandy.


Keith, who joined the Military Gallery in 2020, is currently illustrating the Ladybird Expert History series of the Second World War written by leading historian James Holland. His graphic portrayal, Testing Times, depicts Sergeant Don Kingaby carrying out last minute checks on his Mk.I Spitfire at the height of the Battle of Britain.



Keith's graphic piece depicts the moment an eagle-eyed sentry raises the alarm having spotted escapees making a stealthy dash to freedom from the entrance of ‘Tunnel Harry’.

by Keith Burns


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